Welcome to Affordable Legal Help

We provide easy, effective and, affordable ways to solve your legal problems. We are a brand new kind of law firm that meets the needs of everyday Arkansans. Our mission is to provide high-quality, easy and affordable legal help for everyone.

For individuals who cannot afford to hire an attorney to completely represent them, unbundled legal services provides an affordable way to solve your legal problems. Pay for only what you need – only when you need it.

Our fees are simple. Our fees are fixed, straight forward, and custom-tailored to meet your legal and budget needs. For example, someone may only need an hour or two of our time. Someone else may need much more time–depending on their unique situation. So pay for only what you need and only when you need it.

See the prices page for more information about our services and our simple and affordable prices. Welcome to Open Law – Welcome to Affordable Legal Help. Lets get started. Call 501-508-5858 now for affordable legal help.

The legal services offered by our law firm ranges from “advice only” and “limited services” to full representation of the client. The areas of practice depend upon the type of delivery the client is seeking. Certain areas of practice demand fuller scopes of representation while other legal services can be provided more efficiently and more economically via the unbundled service model. Additionally, Open Access will provide some services completely virtually if preferred by the client.

Lets get started. Call 501-508-5858 now for affordable legal help.