Expungement (Sealing Criminal Records)

ExpungementSealing your criminal record is often called “expungement.” However, Arkansas actually doesn’t have a process that will completely expunge a criminal record. Arkansas does have a process for sealing a criminal record that has a similar effect, but there are some differences.

In some cases, you can ask the court to seal your criminal record from public view. This used to be called expungement. It is done by filing a Petition to Seal. If the judge signs an Order to Seal then your records won’t be physically destroyed, but they will be sealed and treated as confidential. Also, you are can then legally state on a job application that you have not been convicted of that crime.

Not all criminal records can be sealed. For instance the following records CANNOT be sealed:

  • A sexual offense in which the victim was under the age of 18 years
  • A felony in which you spent any time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections
  • A Class Y felony
  • A Class A or B felony that are not drug offenses (with some exceptions)
  • Manslaughter
  • An unclassified felony with a maximum sentence that was more than 10 years
  • A violent felony

If any of the above are true, and an exception doesn’t apply, you may need to complete an application for pardon from the Arkansas Governor. We can help you do that too. OpenLaw provides very affordable services to help you get a clean criminal record. We provide full representation or you can choose from one of the options below.

Criminal Expungement Review
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