Our Staff

Vince Morris, J.D. | Partner

Vincent Morris

Vince Morris is a founding partner member of the Open Access Law Firm,Top Attorney Family Law PLLC. Before entering private practice Vince Morris was Director of the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership and the Arkansas Pro Bono Partnership where each day his mission was to improve the lives of low-income Arkansans by championing equal access to justice for all… (read full bio)

Stewart Whaley, J.D., CIPP/US | Partner

Stewart Whaley

Stewart Whaley is a founding partner of the Open Access Law Firm, PLLC. Originally from Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, he co-founded the firm in 2016. Whaley co-founded this one of a kind law firm in an effort to fuse his expertise in technology with law and his commitment to providing access to justice for all… (read full bio)



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